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Resource for the Plan to Achieve Self-Support Application

7. The Occupational Goal

The PASS must be especially designed for each individual and have a designated and feasible occupational goal. Non-occupational goals, such as basic living skills or homemaking skills, do not meet PASS requirements. The proposed vocational goals must be clearly stated indicating job titles or, if self-employed, the type of business. It is important to demonstrate to SSA that a person's vocational goal is feasible and there is a reasonable chance of meeting the goal in light of the disabling condition. Other factors must be taken into account as well such as age, prior work history, education and training, and the local job market. Sometimes credit history should also be considered for those whose PASS may require loans for a vehicle. The PASS must indicate estimated earnings pending PASS completion, and/or level of independent job performance that the individual expects to reach.

Deciding whether the PASS is feasible and whether the candidate is a good one for a PASS is important. The document below is designed to help consumers and/or benefits specialists make that decision.

PASS Feasibility Questionnaire

PASS Feasibility Questionnaire