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Resource for the Plan to Achieve Self-Support Application

12. Responsibilities

SSA Responsibilities To Recipient

SSA will notify the individual in writing once they have received the application. The PASS specialist handling the case will work directly with the person. He or she will look over the plan as soon as possible to see if there is a good chance that the individual can meet their work goal. The PASS specialist will also make sure that the items the individual wants to pay for are needed to achieve the work goal and are reasonably priced. If changes are needed, the PASS specialist will discuss them with the individual.

Once the PASS is approved, the PASS specialist will make regularly scheduled progress checks to determine if the PASS milestones, deposits and purchases are being conformed with as outlined in the PASS. These progress reports will result in periodic notices. SSA may also request additional information or documentation in order to make the progress determinations.

The phone numbers of the PASS specialist throughout the country can be found in the resources section of our site.

The Individual's Reporting and Recordkeeping Responsibilities

If SSA approves the plan, the individual must tell Social Security about any changes to the plan. The individual must tell them if:

  • Their medical condition improves.
  • They are unable to follow your plan.
  • They decide not to pursue the work goal or decide to pursue a different goal.
  • They decide that they do not need to pay for any of the expenses listed in their plan.
  • Someone else pays for any of their plan expenses.
  • They use the income or resources excluded for PASS for a purpose other than the expenses specified in the plan.
  • There are any other changes to the plan.
  • There are any changes in the individual's income, help they get from others, or things of value that they own.
  • There are any changes in where they live, how they live, or their marital status.
  • They must tell SSA about any of these things within 10 days following the month in which it happens. If they do not report any of these things, SSA may stop their plan.
  • The individuals should also tell SSA if they decide that they need to pay for other expenses not listed in the plan in order to reach the goal. SSA may be able to change the plan or the amount of income excluded so the individual can pay for the additional expenses.

Individuals must keep receipts or cancelled checks to show what expenses were paid for as part of the PASS

An individual needs to keep receipts and any cancelled checks in order to demonstrate to SSA that they are following the PASS as approved. If the individual does not follow the plan and spends funds that are not authorized or approved, they may have to pay back some or all of the SSI they received.