PASS Online

Resource for the Plan to Achieve Self-Support Application

4. PASS Candidates

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for a PASS, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Be under age 65
  • Be disabled or blind per SSA standards
  • Meet all eligibility requirements for SSI with the exception of the income and resources test
  • Have earnings, unearned income, or resources to set aside in the PASS. (Examples of unearned income include Social Security Disability [SSDI], Unemployment benefits, Veterans benefits, private pension, monetary support or gifts from family or friends). Remember that it is not necessary for individuals to have income and/or resources available when applying for PASS. They may submit a PASS based on projected earnings.

Likely Candidates

  • Individuals who have unearned income such as SSDI or Veterans benefits only can establish a PASS to exclude the unearned income, thereby establishing SSI eligibility.
  • Individuals who have earned income only can set aside countable earnings in the PASS and begin receiving SSI benefits or increase their SSI check.
  • Individuals who have both earned and unearned income can set aside their wages, SSDI or both to establish or increase SSI cash benefits.
  • Individuals who do not have earned or unearned income and have not qualified for SSI due to resources in excess of the SSI $2,000 resource limit. By establishing a PASS to set aside these resources to achieve a vocational goal, individuals can qualify for SSI.

Unlikely Candidates

  • Individuals who receive only SSI benefits and no other benefits.
  • Individuals ineligible for SSI for reasons other than excess income and/or resources.
  • Individuals who are unable to pursue occupational goals due to their mental/physical condition.
  • Individuals who are currently self-supporting.
  • Individuals who have already completed a PASS and have not tried to seek employment in the stated work goal (but could do a second PASS for a new work goal, if original work goal is no longer feasible).
  • Individuals who do not have resources or income set aside and do not expect any.